Mojito [Manhua – First Impression]

Mojito seems like an interesting story, focusing on a lesbian couple fighting against other peoples’ opinion about them.

Alt TitlesMo Xi Tuo, 莫希托
CreatorsnoftB [Fute, 福特]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
Genre DramaPsychologicalShoujo Ai / Yuri, Romance, Slice of Life
Mojito [Manhua - First Impression]

Mojito Summary

Cool and quirky runway model Simone and her witty lawyer lover Marissa are seen KISSING in the street!

Not only that, the photo is all over the internet and people will NOT stop talking about it!!

Now their families, employers, and even the public are pressuring them to call it quits on their relationship.

But despite their struggle to gain acceptance, Simone and Marissa are set on showing everyone that love is like a well-mixed drink; the sweeter the taste, the harder it is to put down.

Mojito [Manhua - First Impression]
Mojito is quite interesting, since it features a lesbian couple fighting against the public opinion of them.

Both families are eagerly awaiting them to break up, which further pushes the children away from them. Well, Simone’s family wants her to leave Marissa. Marissa’s mother seems to accept the relationship, somewhat at least.

In a flashback, we find out Simone’s mother interferes with her previous crush and causing her to hate her. What a shitty mother.

Simone is about to have her breakthrough as a model, which means she can’t afford any scandals. Since homophobia is still rampant, she’s struggling with the scandal.

On one hand, she should keep it hush-hush, on the other hand she wants to scream out from the rooftops she’s a lesbian.

I must say I do like the closeness and realism we see from the couple in the flashbacks.

Without any sexual moments, the intimacy makes it clear they’re a couple who love each other. At least I didn’t see anything like that, no idea if there’s anything like that in the story.

The whole plot is basing itself off homophobia, and how hard it is to live as a homosexual. It’s an interesting plot, which sadly is real-life for many couples in the world.

Mojito is completed, which means you can enjoy the full story as soon as Tapas catches up with the episodes. They’re currently on chapter 73, with the manhua having 87 chapters in total.

In other words, it’s not a terribly long manhua but it’s enough to get all the important bits inside it. I hope they have a happy relationship, despite the troubles everyone keeps giving them!

Recommendation: If you like stories with some real dilemmas and girl’s love, you should definitely give this one a go.

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