Inside the Mirror [Horror Month]

Inside The Mirror starts off with nightmares, which later on spills into real life. Something is very, very wrong with the mirror in one of the dorms.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsSokomin, sokominart
LicensedINKR, Tapas
GenreDramaHorrorSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural, Comedy

Inside The Mirror Summary

June Ki & MJ Veil starts a new semester as University sophomores.

However, their quiet school life goes down the drain when these two polar opposites come clashing as roommates.

Now they have to juggle between studies, good relations, and not to mention a possibly a cursed Mirror in their dorm room!?

Inside The Mirror is unfortunately not being continued by the author.

However, I still decided to include it in the horror month because I do like where it’s going.

According to the creator, it wasn’t supposed to be horror, but it does work like that, too! After all, what we hide inside is sometimes the most nefarious of all.

So our main characters are quite different, yet somehow I assume they’ll become friends. The nightmares one of them experience ends up carrying over into the real world. Even to the point of one guy being sucked into the mirror!

I know the author said they disliked how it turned out, but I honestly quite like it.

It’s different from most stories I’ve been reading. Although I can fully understand not being able to continue a story due to lack of direction, I can’t help but to feel like it’s a pity.

The story is, for whatever it’s worth, quite interesting since it’s battling with feelings we may have but not saying out loud.

Who would want to confess to feeling superior to everyone? Most of us know that it’s a sure-fire way to end up without friends and potentially hated, too.

Final thoughts: I’m sad it’s discontinued, but I get where the author is coming from. As a horror comic, it has a lot of potential.

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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