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I Became a Millionaire’s Daughter [Manhwa – Recommendation]

“I Became a Millionaire’s Daughter” is an interesting story about a woman switching bodies after she’s trying to prevent a suicide.

Alt TitlesJadi Anak Konglomerat, Lee Yool Gatji Anh’eun Lee Yoo, セカンドチャンス!ー財閥令嬢入れ替わり事案に関しましてー, 重生成为白富美的我套路多, 이율 같지 않은 이유
CreatorsRAY (Author) – Chiguri [치구리] (Artist)
Licensed?Not in English – Official Japanese Translation, Official Chinese Translation
NovelNot that I know
GenreComedyDramaIsekai, Mature Warning: Depression / SuicidePsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Millionaire's Daughter
The fall

Summary of I Became A Millionaire’s Daughter

Lee Yoori, an employee of the EG Department Store HR team, and Lee Yool, the youngest daughter of the EG Group President, fell from the 10th floor building.

Lee Yoori, surprised, woke up in Lee Yool’s body. But Lee Yoori believes that one day their bodies will return to normal.

Lee Yool lived her life as a daughter of a conglomerate. But the thing is, Lee Yool has a fiancé and they’re going to be married soon!

Will Lee Yoori successfully overcome all obstacles as a daughter of a millionaire?!

Millionaire's Daughter
Lee Yool and Husky
Despite the initial sad event, the story is quite memorable and fun. We find out that Lee Yoori has been taking her role as Lee Yool quite seriously. At least in the beginning, she has been trying her best to not mess anything up.

Yet, when she realizes “her” body has died, she was obviously in shock and decides to live her life to the fullest. It’s all anyone can do in this odd situation, of course.

That being said, Lee Yoori’s family are dipsh*ts, so they only care about money pay-out from the company for their daughter’s death. Apparently they haven’t put her in their family registry so technically they weren’t even her next of kin!

The relationship with the originally Lee Yool and her fiancé was a bit up in the air. It seems the the soul of Lee Yoori actually starts to like him, and he her. They relationship goes a bit back and forth, but it seems to develop into a steady romance.

She also affectionately refers to him as a “husky” and I have never heard anything more suitable in my life.

Recommendation: Definitely worth a read!

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