Mermaid's Voice [Manhua Review]

Mermaid’s Voice [Manhua Review]

Mermaid’s Voice is a short and sweet tale of a young mermaid and her mother. The cute story takes a sad turn as sacrifices are made.

Alt Titles人魚之聲
CreatorsGene [Solidcolor, 俊]
GenreDramaFantasy, Mature WarningSuicide, Gore
Mermaid's Voice [Manhua Review]

Summary of a Mermaid’s Voice

“A mermaid tale from the depths of the sea…”

4/5 Plot – 3/5 Characters – 3/5 Art -> 10/15

This story is really, really short. Yet with good storytelling, it tells the audience quite a lot. Our protagonist is a young mermaid with black hair and a black tail. Her mother, on the other hand, has red hair and a red tail.

Like most children, the young mermaid want to change her look and have a beautiful tail like her mother. Of course, we later on learn that it comes with a great sacrifice.

When I started reading this story, I ended up finding another story focused on the sea and a mute boy. I almost thought it was a theme going on in 2019.

Mermaid's Voice [Manhua Review]
The art is pretty decent but nothing amazing. It’s like a love project and you can feel the time that went into it. Yet, it’s obviously not processed or refined past completion.

The black mermaid is jealous of her mother’s beautiful tail and wants to be like her. Famous last words, eh? Turns out in order to become like her mother she has to suffer the death of her mother.

It seems the mother suffered the death of someone close to her, probably her mother. She went mute and got a red tail due to that. So when the daughter asks for the same coloured tail… well, it’s not as cute as it seems.

Something that irks me with the art is the mother’s clothing. The daughter has more of a sleeve tail that covers her chest, too. The mother has some type of clothing which just seems odd.

Overall the story is pretty good for being short. You can’t expect an intricate plot or amazing twists when there’s only a few pages. I like this story for what it is. It’s a cute and tragic story about a mother and daughter. It hints at a bigger plot but we’re left with the conclusion in this chapter.

If you can, I’d say you should check this one out. It’s very short and I don’t even think you need to know Chinese to understand the message.

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