Mermaid’s Love [First Impression]

Mermaid’s Love starts off with a man attempting suicide, only for a mermaid to save his life. It seems their fates are now being interlaced.

Alt TitlesNingyo no Koi, 人魚の恋, 人魚の愛
CreatorsMoyashi 125 [もやし125]
GenreComedyDramaFantasyMature Warning: Suicide / Attempted SuicideShounen Ai/ Yaoi,  Supernatural
Mermaid's Love

Mermaid’s Love Summary

Pop idol Wakaouji Asagi is having a strong ideation for committing suicide. However, it never seemingly goes exactly as he plans…

Mermaid's Love
As you’re reading from the summary, our main protagonist attempts suicide, but a koi-merman saves him.

The story implies it’s not his first attempt at taking his life, either. All attempts seemingly fail for one reason or another.

I actually quite like the fact the mermaid is a koi-fish, since the fish-type naturally occurs in Japan. It’s adding a certain charm to the story, without being too “in your face” with it.

The fact it’s male merman isn’t annoying or feeling forceful, instead it’s quite fitting. It fits the story and universe, so it works just fine.

Sadly enough, I’m not loving the protagonist and his behaviour.

His reasoning seems quite vain in the beginning, but I assume he has his reasons.

Basically he’s not liking how people treating him nicely solely because he’s an idol. Yet, he’s seemingly overconfident with his looks, so is it that surprising people are feeling attracted to him?

I’m unsure where the plot is going right now, I’m highly doubting the male lead is going to turn into a human. Instead, he seems to be quite lonely and ends up spending time in the protagonist’s own tub.

Their interactions seems quite interesting and cute, but they clearly need to develop more feelings for each other. It seems they’re easily hurting each other with their words and actions.

Final Thoughts: It’s not a bad story but I’m not loving it, mainly because the protagonist seems to be so vain and shallow.

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