Mejaz Regulus in the World [recommendation]

Mejaz Regulus In The World is one of the better manhua series out there. It focuses on demons, fighting and romance!

Alt TitlesMoye Renjian Yu, Móyé Rénjiān Yù, 摩耶人间玉, 계약신부를 버려주세요, Gyeyagsinbuleul Beolyeojuseyo
CreatorsSasa Dongman
Genre Mature WarningMurder / Attempted Murder,  Drugs / AlcoholGore/blood,  DramaFantasy, Historical, RomanceSupernatural
Mejaz Regulus In The World  [Recommendation]

Mejaz Regulus In The World Summary

Slaying demons and finding love.

A marriage alliance between two great demon-slaying families brings Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu together.

Though Yan intended to divorce Yu after two years, he soon discovers she has come to occupy a place in his heart.

Will they be able to stay together amid endless conflict and hidden truths?

The plot of Mejaz Regulus In The World is initially a bit thin, with just too many misunderstandings occurring all at once.

The male lead falls in love with the female lead as soon as he lays his eyes on her, despite him vowing to divorce her! Bet he regrets his quick words now.

However, he initially didn’t want the marriage nor her. And she also wants a quick divorce, allowing misunderstandings to grown.

Despite that, she’s nestling her way into his heart. They have some real misunderstandings, namely because of the female lead’s inability to speak her mind.

She’s very short in her speech and doesn’t necessarily “mean” what she says.

It’s like her thoughts don’t always reach her mouth, if that makes any sense. Sometimes she’s very quick-witted and is able to make people quiet down without any issues.

As for the world they’re existing in, it’s like China in the ancient times. With demons. There’s a lot of fighting and some blood, but nothing too major.

It’s clear not everything is what it seems, but the story takes its time to develop. I do enjoy the content and relationship between our main characters, they’re really cute together.

Final thoughts: If you like more action-oriented romance stories, I do think you should give this one a chance. The art is also really nice-looking.

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