What It Means to be You? [First Impression]

What It Means to be You [First Impression]

For the full shock factor, start reading “What It Means To Be You?” without even looking at the synopsis. It’s worth it.

Alt TitleTo Help You Understand, Для того, чтобы помочь тебе понять, Что значит быть тобой,  당신의 이해를 돕기 위하여, Dangsinui Ihaereul Dopgi Wihayeo
CreatorsLee Bora, 이보라 (Author)
Ranyong, Lanyong, 라뇽 (Author)
Ocean, 오션, O-Syeon, Oh-Syeon (Artists)
Licensed?Yes, Tapas
NovelYes, English
GenreBody SwitchingDramaFirst ImpressionsGender BenderHistoricalMangaRomanceSuicide

Summary of What It Means To Be You

In exchange for clearing off the royal family’s huge debt, Princess Violet was sent to marry Winter, the duke’s illegitimate son.

Winter is then betrayed by the princess’ brother, losing the title he sought after. – Mangadex

What It Means To Be You?
The story really surprised me. I was expecting a reversal of time, but we were treated to something more similar to “Your Throne”. It’s refreshing, to be honest.

Despite being portrayed as a poor female heroine, the story shows the princess has some guts and isn’t worthless. In fact, she may be better at negotiating than her husband is.

The story is quite sad, since it clearly shows how the female lead is psychologically abused by her own doctor. It just shows she’s not exactly in high standing in the society.

This is due to her brother’s scheme, which ended up making the marriage to her a poor deal for her husband. I still don’t think he’s in the right for treating her like shit, but I can understand him being upset.

Now, I can’t really say a lot more about this manhwa since it’s newly released. I do enjoy it and I think it’s unique enough to be warranting a read. It might be a huge misunderstanding, but Winter isn’t exactly the easiest to communicate with.

I think we’re going to see our protagonist and the male lead grow closer. Not that it’ll be easy, you can probably be expecting a lot of drama and fighting.

Recommendation: Worth a check if you like a divergence from the isekai/time reversal manhwas.

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