Matchmaking Baby Princess [First Impression]

Matchmaking Baby Princess [First Impression]

Matchmaking Baby Princess is a cute and funny story where our protagonist is a baby. Isekai-story with the female and male probably being her aunt and uncle.

Alt TitlesMatchmaker Baby Princess, The Matchmaker Baby Princess, The Matchmaking Baby Princess, Маленькая принцесса, 중매쟁이 아가 황녀님, Jungmaejaeng-i Aga Hwangnyeonim  
CreatorsPark Karin,박카린 (artist)
Jimmy Shin, Jimmy Sin, 지미신 (original work)
LicensedYes, Webtoons & Tappytoon
Genre ComedyDramaFantasyHistorical
Matchmaking Baby Princess [First Impression]

Matchmaking Baby Princess Summary

I woke up as the orphaned princess Eryl in a novel! My lovely aunt Lucinda, who suffers from raising me alone, is as kind as an angel.

Though it doesn’t appear so in the eyes of my uncle, tyrant Emperor Tessa Illuminas. “Aunt, only trust in me! I’ll make you walk on a flower path!” Eryl enters the imperial palace only for her aunt.

But this uncle doesn’t seem like the tyrant in the novel at all? Rather, it just seems like there’s a lack of affection?

“I can’t help it! Eryl will make everyone happy!” Nowadays, children play matchmaking as a hobby, right? I’ll try it out.

Matchmaking Baby Princess [First Impression]
Matchmaking Baby Princess is quite a funny manhwa, set in a fantasy-historical setting.

Our baby is actually an isekai protagonist, who dies by being hit by something. I assume she’s in the way and a car hits her. She wakes up as a baby in the novel she previously was reading.

Initially she’s content just living with her aunt, but not for long. The aunt is bad at making porridge and married man is harassing her. So the princess takes things in her own tiny hands! She summons a magical beast and sends for her uncle, whom she then refers to as papa.

The evil lead of the novel appears and he’s her uncle, but she ends up calling him papa. It’s clear he has a soft spot for the baby, though.

Matchmaking Baby Princess [First Impression]
I have some issues with the manhwa, mainly some plot points.

Our female lead wakes up in the novel but how does she know this is the novel? She recognizes her aunt I suppose. Furthermore, she also know her father’s keepsake is in the drawer, but we don’t have an explanation as to why she knows it.

Overall I’m liking the story, mainly because it’s kind of funny. Without the comedic aspect, it’s not worth reading only for the plot. Normally I’m fed up with baby stories, but this one is ok. I have only read about two chapters, so I’m not sure how well this will do in the future.

Recommendation: Worth checking out due to the interesting concept. The romance is probably going to be between the emperor and the aunt, which I’m shipping.

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