Match the beat [First Impression]

Match The Beat is a fun manhwa about a short girl and a really tall boy. Their personalities are contradictory to their supposed abilities.

Alt Titles장단에 맞춰줘!, Jangdane Matchwojwo!, Match The Beat!
CreatorsHaetnim [Haennim, Haesnim, 햇님]
GenreActionComedy,  DramaMature WarningMental / Physical Abuse, RomanceSchool LifeSports
Match The Beat [First Impression]

Match The Beat

A very different anti-war comedy romance between the ultra-short Boram and Iljin Basketball Club Choi Gyeom!


Our female lead, Boram, starts at a new school and is desperately trying to be normal. However, she’s soon becoming involved with Choi Gyeom who gives her a stinky eye.

She decides to confront him and finds out he’s actually… a wimp. Turns out everyone thinks he’s some crazy person, eagerly smacking everyone left and right. However, he’s actually a pretty kindhearted fellow who really just want to be left alone.

Match The Beat [First Impression]
Needless to say, Boram and Choi Gyeom are going to end up becoming a very cute couple.

Boram is the opposite of Gyeom, in the sense she’s a great fighter. Due to always ending up in fights, she wants to just live quietly this time around.

Being involved with Gyeom is preventing that, since she has to save him from other bullies. They start becoming close, walking together before and after school. Often almost missing the bus, but at least they both have stamina and can run.

I actually quite like Boram, she’s a person who isn’t afraid of standing up for what’s right. She intervenes when people are bullying others and fights for their rights.

She’s not a weak character who forgives bullies simply because they ask for forgiveness.

I hope this story will progress nicely, so there’s not the same type of misunderstandings, fight scenes and so on. Too much of the same thing isn’t always good, after all.

Recommendation: Give it a read, it seems to be quite fun and I’m enjoying reading it!

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