The Three Are Living a Married Life [1st Impression]

The Three Are Living a Married Life is a very serious story, featuring attempted murder, adultery and other immoral acts.

Alt Titles세 명이서 결혼 생활 중입니다, Se Myeongiseo Gyeolhon Saenghwal Jungibnida
CreatorsMUSO, 무소, Musso (Author)
Usa, 우사 (Artist)
Genre Mature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholGore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderSmut (minor)
Drama, Thriller,  Romance, Historical

The Three Are Living A Married Life Summary

On the night of her fourth wedding anniversary, moans were heard from her husband’s bedroom.

“Tell me I’m better than her, come on.”

It was the voice of her twin sister.

The Three Are Living A Married Life [1st Impression]
The Three Are Living A Married Life is starting with quite a drama.

Our female lead is married to a man for 4 years, not knowing he’s cheating on her. Not only is he cheating on her, but it’s with her own TWIN sister.

Without using any romantic twists or anything, the story is quite suspenseful. As the female lead slowly figures out what’s going on, she realizes just how messed up the situation really is.

Honestly, it goes past just her sister and husband falling in love with each other.

I haven’t read much, but I did spoil myself a bit.

The Three Are Living A Married Life [1st Impression]
Apparently the story is having so-so popularity when we reach a certain point.

Something will happen, which the readers didn’t necessarily approve of, but I don’t know why it happens.

As for the comic’s art, I don’t mind it but I’ve seen better art in other comics. It’s not bad and it works in the context of the story.

I will say, the background is somewhat lacking sometimes. We find out as we read but it would be nice to find out a bit more early on.

It’s a balancing act. Too much information and you feel swamped. Too little and you end up not understanding the basic plot. The author behind the novel also did Lady to Queen.

Final thoughts: I like the story and I think I’ll continue reading it.

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