Married for 120 Days [First Impression]

Married for 120 Days [First Impression]

Married for 120 Days is a unique manhwa, not featuring an isekai protagonist or time reversal. Instead it’s a story about a hardworking noblewoman.

Alt Titles120 Days Marriage Contract, 120-Day Marriage Contract, 120일의 계약결혼, プレイボーイな彼との(偽)結婚生活, 120il-ui gyeyaggyeolhon, Pureibōina kare to no (nise) kekkon seikatsu
CreatorsJagyum [Jaegyeom, Jeogyeom, jjagyum,재겸] (Author)
Ginger [생강] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedOriginally a novel
Release DramaHistorical,  Romance
Married For 120 Days [First Impression]

Married For 120 Days Summary

Ellouise Starwood is looking to find a husband for her adopted daughter. She is from an aristocratic family which has been facing financial difficulties for several years.

As a result, her father and Louize (older sister and mother of Juliet) run away.

The older sister returns to Ellouise with Juliet but dies a few days later from a severe fever. Ellouise has now adopted Juliet and decides to find a suitable husband for her daughter in the aristocratic city of Cliff where the social circles are more relaxed and non-discriminatory.

Upon her arrival to Cliff, she meets Marcus Hanger, the heir to a mining conglomerate where the family is often looking down on by the nobility for their lack of prestige and titles.

Marcus is sent to Cliff where his aunt resides, after a series of romantic conquests at the capital city. He meets a widow at Cliff. Duchess Bellona, and is courting her to no avail. He later learns that the Duchess is extremely wary and will only associate herself with married men or young boys.

Marcus believes Duchess Bellona is his one true love so he convinces Ellouise to marry him on paper for 120 days so that he can continue his courtship while offering a safe haven for Ellouise as they look for a suitable husband for their daughter, Juliet.

Novel Forum
Married For 120 Days [First Impression]
Right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of the art but I’m not hating it. As of now, it definitely stands out next to the other stories published in 2021.

Our protagonist is really just a woman who was born into the wrong family. She has good looks and education, yet lacks money. Early on in the story she receives a proposal from one of the most eligible bachelors in the empire.

However, she is outraged by the proposal and asks if he’s crazy.

Apparently the two met not long ago, when our female lead lost her purse containing all of her essentials (including money). After standing and waiting for the rain to let up, the man offers her accommodations at his aunt’s, if I’m not mistaken.

What makes this story unique is how our female lead is also toting around a child. You see, the protagonist’s father left and likewise did her sister. However, she returns with a child and soon the sister dies. After losing her mind for a few days, the young child brings her back to reality.

Married For 120 Days [First Impression]
She sees the child as a blessing, but many are seeing the child as “slow” or a burden. It’s clear the female protagonist isn’t keen on hearing such cruel words about her child.

As for the male lead, he’s a womanizer known far and wide. He loses interest in most of his conquests, only to move on to the next one. His next target is a young widow who only dates married men. I suppose she’s smart, and doesn’t want to lose her inheritance by taking another husband.

My guess is the male lead is going marry our protagonist simply to get under the skirt of the young widow. Based on those keypoints, I’m already liking the story quite a bit.

I haven’t really seen a story where a woman is having a child to care for as well. It makes it more realistic she would accept such a brazen proposition.

Recommendation: Give it a go, it seems really interesting so far!

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