Manhwa series I Need To Read

Manhwa series I Need To Read

The Knight and Her Emperor [Ongoing: 2019 ->] by Team IYAK (winter,heyum) & G.M
Manhwa Series I Need To Read

I’m a bit apprehensive to read this story, but I really need to! I think what scares me is the manly female lead and the fact it has about 100 chapters in Korean. I really do need to start, since the story seems quite unique and fun.

The Knight and Her Emperor Summary

Pollyanna is an unremarkable girl in a noble family — so unremarkable her parents send her to military conscription hoping she’ll die quickly in battle. Left only with her wits and her strength, Pollyanna fights to rise up in the ranks.

One day, this talented but overlooked knight meets an ardent king, one who finally acknowledges her worth. Moved by his dream for unity, Pollyanna vows to fight for him. But now the young king is slowly realizing this stalwart knight has also conquered his heart…


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