9 Beautiful Blonde Female Characters in Manhwa Part 2

9 Beautiful Blonde Female Characters In Manhwa Part 2

Rose Dupré from “The Pale Horse” (Artist Twitter)
Beautiful Blonde
Rose Dupré from The Pale Horse

This woman/girl is utterly gorgeous! If you like Shadow Queen’s art, you may like the art of this one as well. Rose isn’t an innocent and lovely heroine, but has quite a twisted and dark past.

Rose is a really gorgeous character with a mysterious past. She was really cute as a child but as she becomes more like herself, she goes from a pure beauty to a much more mature look.

Her hair is beautiful regardless if it’s straighter or more curly. Rose’s eyes, nose and mouth just make her look so beautiful.

So there we have it. 9 beautiful blonde haired characters found in manhwas. Which one did we miss?

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