Mango’s Bone [Recommendation]

Mango’s Bone is a good story about coming of age and dealing with mental health issues. There’s some really messed up topics in this story.

Alt TitlesMang-goui Ppyeo, Кость манго, 망고의 뼈, Mango’s Seed
CreatorsGold Kiwi [Gold Kiwi Bird, 골드키위새] (Author)
Tired Vagabond [넋부자들] (Artist)
LicensedYes, LezhinManta
Genre DramaMature Warning: Depression, Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of Rape, RomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Mango's Bone  [Recommendation]

Mango’s Bone Summary

Perfect boy falls for the bad girl.

Jooin has the perfect life — perfect grades, a successful father, a supportive family.

Stuck in his own perfect world, he doesn’t understand why his twin brother Jooyul doesn’t care about school, or why Lisa, his classmate, seems to hate her grandmother.

As he grows closer to his classmates, he learns that the world might not be as clear-cut as he thinks.

Mango's Bone  [Recommendation]
I’m really liking this story, especially the beautiful art. Turns out the Tired Vagabond team consists of three or four people, one of them is Biwan.

Biwan is the creator of Her Tale of Shim Chong, which is a manhwa series I utterly love!

As for this story, Mango’s Bone starts out quite slow and I was feeling annoyed at our male lead, Jooin.

He has it perfect and is so quick to judge others, it’s frustrating.

Likewise, his brother is annoying the hell out of me, too.

He’s so busy messing with his brother’s life and isn’t bothering with taking care of own his life, then he complains about it.

In other words, they’re unlikable in the beginning but then things start changing. Jooin learns the reason for Lisa’s anger and feelings, and my heart is breaking for her.

If you’re sensitive to drugs, rape, including incestuous rape of a child, you may be wanting to keep a distance from this story.

The story is of a sensitive nature and I like how it brings up topics such as how rape victims are “expected” to act. It’s clear Lisa’s emotions are all over the place and she’s hurt by how she’s being judged by others.

Yet, she can’t really act out or argue back because everyone expects her to do so! She’s a troublesome child and a liar, according to others. Who would want to listen to her and understand her situation? Very few, that’s for sure.

It’s so easy to judge others and I feel like this story definitely tries to give you a lesson not to be so quick with judging.

There’s some real emotional growth happening in this series and I love it a lot for it.

The characters don’t stay one-dimensional for long and they learn to ask for forgiveness. Not to mention, they learn to ask for help when there’s need for it.

I’m not ashamed to admit I was getting teary eyed several times reading the story. It’s just a great story and I love how they’re managing to fit so many different feelings into it.

We have annoyance, anger, sadness and helplessness, all with their own good reasons! I just feel so badly for Lisa and everything she has to suffer.

I totally understand how she can’t forgive those who have hurt her, but she’s so strong for not just ending it all then and there.

Final thoughts: If you can handle heavy topics, I suggest you read this on I was binge reading this from the evening all the way till 3 am. I just couldn’t put it away!

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