Disguised As A Male Secretary

Disguised As A Male Secretary [First Impression]

Disguised As A Male Secretary is basically a gender bender story. The protagonist hides her gender and becomes an assistant for a top businessman.

Alt Title남장 비서, Namjang Secretary
CreatorsLee Seo Han (Author) – Socks Mushroom [버선버섯] (Artist)
NovelYes, English (MATURE / SMUT)
GenreDramaGender BenderRomanceSlice of Life,

Summary of “Disguised As A Male Secretary”

Seo Won, who works as a vice president’s secretary disguised as a male secretary on behalf of her younger brother who has been in an accident, becomes mistaken as a corporate spy immediately and has to work alone to remove the suspicions of her as a spy…

Disguised As A Male Secretary

So our protagonist is a twin, which comes in handy when her brother has been in a traffic accident. It’ll take him about 6 months to recover, but he just got accepted into “ELN”.

So, logical solution is to have the sister take his place. That’s totally what others would have done, right?

Overall the story seems to be a normal gender-bender story that we’ve seen a lot of. But thankfully the past was sped up with a short recap so we don’t have to suffer through it a lot.

The vice president of the company seems to think she’s a corporate spy. At least he’s not onto her being a female. It seems we’ll some intrigues and misunderstandings if we continue reading this manhwa.

Recommendation: It’s pretty decent, worth to check out.

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