I Picked up the Second Male Lead After the Ending

I Picked up the Second Male Lead After the Ending [First Impression]

I’ve been wanting to read “I Picked Up The Second Male Lead After The Ending” for quite some time. When I finally got around to reading it, I’m a bit disappointed.

Alt TitlesI Picked up a Sub-man After the Ending, 傲嬌男二攻心計, 엔딩 후 서브남을 주웠다, Happily Ever Afterwards  (official Title)
CreatorsHWANG DoTol [HWANG Do Tol, HWANG Do-Tol, justfeel44, 황도톨], Jeong Seo [ Jeongseo, Jung Seo, Jungseo, ジャンソ, 正瑞, 정서] (Authors) – Jeong Seo (Artist)
LicensedWebtoons –  Traditional Chinese
NovelYes, English

Summary of “I Picked Up The Second Male Lead After The Ending”

What would you do if you were reborn as a character from your favorite romance novel?

For Peony, an avid fan of “The Song of Askar,” the answer is simple: Marry her favorite character, of course! Reincarnated as the princess of the Kingdom of Garten, Peony is determined to marry Richt, the second male lead of “The Song of Askar” and former prince of the Fairspren Empire.

He was banished to an inhospitable land after the novel’s happy ending (which didn’t end so well for him). Amidst trials and tribulations, can Peony and Richt make the most of their second chance at life and love?
– Webtoons
I Picked Up The Second Male Lead After The Ending [First Impression]
Novel illustration
I am unsure where I got the impression this was an amazing manhwa people gushes about. Maybe it was just my imagination and it was a different series.

Overall it’s not exactly bad, but I feel like the story is being done more and more. We’re used to seeing a cold male lead and a cheery, bubbly princess acting like she has no common sense.

The story reminds me slightly of “Flirting With The Villain’s Dad”, but that story is better in various ways. Maybe I’m extra harsh because I was expecting more from “I Picked Up The Second Male Lead After The Ending”.

Our female lead is, of course, transmigrated from a different world. Is it necessary? Not really.

The fact is, the princess was so sick throughout the main events she didn’t even need to die. We didn’t need to have a person from our world put into this novel world. It would have been more unique with a character that actually was meant to be in the universe falling for the 2nd male lead. Especially since he’s a traitor.

I think many authors see isekai stories are doing really well, so they jump on the train. However, it’s not the isekai element that makes the story good. Far from it.

Usually the story mentions the isekai protagonist only for it to never mention it again. We even forget the person isekai:ed in the first place.

With Peony, our protagonist, it’s all very tongue in cheek. She’s not driven with a need to save our protagonist from loneliness, not really. She’s there to satisfy her own needs and feelings. He’s making it clear he doesn’t want her there, yet she’s so dense she continues pushing his buttons.

Some pushing is probably needed, for most men, but she’s obnoxious about it. I really do not like this in a character. Our male lead is a lot more stoic and stern than she probably thought he would be. Thankfully! He’s acting like his personality would probably be considering everything that happened. He’s a traitor after all! He has no time to be a cuddly lovey-dovey boy to a princess who can’t take hints and go home.

I kind of like the art, though. It’s a lot different from what we normally see and I do like the colours used. Unfortunately, the art style makes the princess look even more dumb.

Recommendation: Not sure, give it a read but have no high expectations.

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