Preventing the Making of a Tyrant [1st Impression]

Preventing The Making Of A Tyrant starts off interesting enough, but becomes boring soon thereafter.

Alt TitlesHow to Stop the Tyrant’s Blackening, 폭군의 흑화를 막는 법
CreatorsIlo (Author)
Yeoon Han, Han Yeo-on, 한여온 (Author)
YUL, (Artist)
LicensedNo (read somewhere tapas will license but can’t find any real info)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceTime Travel
Preventing The Making Of A Tyrant

Preventing The Making Of A Tyrant Summary

She became an extra member of the Blackmak family, who blackens the emperor and turns him into a tyrant.

The darkened tyrant is obsessed with the female lead and becomes a good villainous sub-male lead.

Of course, what about me before that?
I die after being used by the family

However, I didn’t know this death would be repeated three times.

How to break the cycle of tedious regression?
Let’s stop the blackening of the tyrant.

Initially the plot for Preventing The Making Of A Tyrant feels weak and overused.

We’ve seen the plot done multiple times before, often with better success.

Although I do appreciate reading a good reincarnation story, this one just feels like it’s lacking on many levels. It’s cliché from start to finish, including characters, plot and execution (literally).

I’m not sure I feel sympathetic towards the female lead, despite the creators’ best attempts. So overall, not a good story in my eyes. There’s just so many of these stories out there with a tyrant falling for the female lead they’re basically all the same.

Not to mention, there’s animal-humans in this story, but not all humans are like that, either. Which is just a wild thing to randomly toss into a story and expect it to just “work” because it’s fantasy.

Final thoughts: Not worth checking out. It’s quite boring and predictable.

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