Oh! My Maid Master

Oh! My Maid Master [1st Impression]

Oh! My Maid Master is surprisingly a manhua series. The quality reminds me of manhwa series and the plot is pretty decent, too.

Alt TitlesO! Wo De Nvpu Daren, Oh! My Maid, , Ó! Wǒ De Nǚpū Dàrén, 哦! 我的女仆大人, 오! 나의 하녀님
CreatorsBom Onda, Spring Is Coming, 봄온다 (Author)
Bori, issa002573, 보리, Boli (Artist)
Jizhishe, 极直社 (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
Maid Master

Oh! My Maid Master Summary

Katie, who lives in a small port somehow saved Count Brown’s only daughter. She ends up becomingthe Brown family’s maid and meets the aggressive successor of the Brown family.

During their first meeting, she mistakes him for a priest so the start developing a strange relationship… with a mysterious yet aggressive Alex and a Katie who is suddenly pulled into this.

What will be the result of their intertwined fate?

Maid Master
Oh! My Maid Master starts with an orphan accidentally bumping into a man carrying a girl in a potato sack.

She’s also captured and kept captive with this other girl for about a month. During that time, they grow somewhat close, or to the extent a bond forms between then.

Katie is more adept at seeking opportunity, so she manages to escape and get help. However, she soon realizes she may not have been doing everyone a favour by saving the noble lady.

So far I haven’t read a lot to fully judge the story, but it’s pretty good in the early chapters

The story reminds me slightly of The Detective Of Muiella, especially with the start of that manhwa series.

However, it’s very much just a small similarity and I doubt it’s going to be anything like that series.

As for the art of Oh! My Maid Master, it’s pretty decent actually. I have nothing to really complain about, the people all look good and so it’s nothing popping out at me initially.

Final thoughts: The story seems to have a lot of potential, might be worth checking out.

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