Madame Outlaw [1st Impression]

Madame Outlaw is impressing me with a strong female lead, ready to escape a future she hates. You have to admire a woman running away on her wedding day.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsJunk Ren (Art)
WmW (Original work)
GenreActionDrama, , HistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Murder / Attempted Murder
Madame Outlaw [1st Impression]

Madame Outlaw Summary

1842. Thaddeus murders Estelle’s brother, but only Estelle knows.

When he convinces her family that they should wed, Estelle goes through with the wedding only to steal Thaddeus’ coveted map of the Oregon Trail, his horse-drawn carriage, and his stable boy.

She then embarks on a nation-wide adventure with a growing band of criminals.

Their destination? The West–where she can be free of the oppressive aristocracy she left behind.

The only problem is that Thaddeus will do everything in his power to bring her back.

Honestly, the story is really interesting and I haven’t seen a lot of stories set in the wild west.

Our female lead runs away, hijacks a carriage and a stable boy. Oh and she also robs her husband, leaving him wanting in bed.

You have to love the female lead’s spunk and ability to get things done.

I haven’t read too much, since when I started reading it only a few chapters were out. Overall the story seems to be interesting enough and it’s definitely something else.

In most stories I’ve been reading, the female lead is mostly just an isekai heroine trying to prevent her own death.

However, in this story we have a female lead wanting to run away from her husband and take revenge on her brother’s death. She’s not weak or stupid, being able to think quickly on her feet and saves others in the process.

Final thoughts: Overall the story seems to be interesting, which makes me think you should read it.

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