Arranged Marriage: Don't Mess with Mysterious Husband [First Impression - Manhua]

Arranged Marriage: Don’t Mess with Mysterious Husband [First Impression – Manhua]

This story is one of those manhuas which has a poor plot, is overexaggerated and full with stupid tropes. 

Alt TitlesPaper Pet Marriage Mysterious Husband, Yi zhi chong hun: Shenmi laogong re bude, 一纸宠婚:神秘老公惹不得,
 Love At First Night
CreatorsKuang Sheng Dong Man
Licensed?Yes, MangaSy
Release2017 (Unsure)
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life

The initial scenes of “Arranged Marriage: Don’t Mess With Mysterious Husband” feature some sex scenes, hinting the main leads had an intimate meeting. Later on it’s revealed it was actually a poor plot to drug the main female lead so she’d have sex with her sister’s husband. Basically, they planned to have her raped.

Of course, the man she did have sex with ends up finding her and forcing her to marry him. She just signs the papers without even really caring who she ends up marrying. Pretty sure you need two witnesses to see the people sign it, but I could be wrong. You should also care a bit more who you’re marrying.

Mysterious Husband
So the woman has no idea who she’s marrying. She goes to their now joint home, and the husband has a camera in the bedroom she’s sleeping in. He’s spying on her whilst he’s at work. Creepy much.

I don’t think I need to go on. Even if the art is decent, although some anatomy lessons are needed, it’s still a poor story. Now, if the plot was actually good, we’d still have an issue with the chapters being messy and confusing.

I honestly don’t get manhuas in this regard. Every time it’s some family with some amazing plan to have their sister or in-law basically raped. If not that, then it’s a CEO of some rich company that misuses his powers to be a despicable human being. I just don’t get this, it’s basically the same story as soon as you “CEO” or “Husband” in the title.

Recommendation: Run away from this one, don’t waste your time.

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