Lucky Spring Day

Lucky Spring Day [First Impression]

Lucky Spring Day is a story about a moon fairy who sets out to avenge a woman who dies. Will she be able to fully live out her life and reincarnate this time?

Alt TitlesBomnalui Palgwang, Spring Moon, 봄날의 팔광
CreatorsHyun Go Eun [현고운]
LicensedNo, Korean manhwa
GenreBody SwitchingComedy, DramaFantasyRomanceSlice of Life
Lucky Spring Day [First Impression]

Lucky Spring Day Summary

A long, long time ago, two siblings climbed up a rope to the heavens after being chased by a tiger. During that time, the younger sister Dalhee became a Moon Fairy.

To become a true god, she must reincarnate a certain number of times, but she’s never been able to successfully live out her lives. Bored of her life in heaven, she looked down Iseugkyung to look for any troubles in the human world!

“Please help me… I want to die…”

After hearing a sad voice coming from Iseugkyung, she discovered a beautiful girl begging the Grim Reaper to leave her world. Soon after, the Grim Reaper came to take her life.

Full of curiosity, Fairy Dalhee went down Iseugkyung and into the hospital room of the human girl.

봄날의 팔광Lucky Spring Day [First Impression]
The story starts out like a fairy tale, even with accompanying background music if you read it on Daum.

I wasn’t sure the music was suitable but I quite liked it anyway. I was actually staying on the page just to listen to the music, since it was very upbeat and nice. Perhaps not the most suitable considering the start is basically like a fairytale, but whatever, I’ll go with it.

Dalhee loves her humans, to the point she reincarnates and take possession over a human girl, Jiwan. The girl is seeking revenge on those who wronged her and only care about her inheritance, which is where Dalhee comes in. She’s going to punish those people, in the name of the moon!

Ok, wrong comic but I swear it’s a reference to Sailor Moon in the story!

Now, it seems Dalhee has a reputation of never actually reincarnating. She’s aiming to become a god but she can’t let go of helping others in need, thus often time sacrificing herself for her human peers, which means she dies ahead of her time.

After reincarnating as the girl, Dalhee proceeds to shock family and doctors by coming back to life. She even says she was “positively dead”, poking fun at the situation.

Lucky Spring Day [First Impression]
Overall it seems the humans involved in the young woman will have some comeuppance going their way.

I just hope we won’t have the moon fairy falling in love with the male in this story. Talk about messing up the poor girl’s wishes if that’s the case!

Dalhee is a bit of an idiot, in my opinion. She’s a bit too cheery and behaves like a crazy person. I get that she’s happy being in the human world but there has to be some limit on acting like a weirdo.

Jiwan’s character is really pretty, with purple hair and eyes. She looks really cute, especially when smiling and being happy.

Recommendation: Might be worth to keep an eye on, it seems like a fun story!

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