Lucia [Manhwa – Recommendation]

Lucia decides to take a leap of faith to escape her future. She gets entangled with duke Hugo Taran, not knowing it’ll spark an intense relationship. 

Alt Titlesลูเซีย, 루시아,  Lucia (Taruvi), 露西亚-攻略公爵计划
CreatorsHaneul Garigi (Skye, Cover Skies, Covering The Sky, 하늘가리기) [Author] – TARUVI [Artist]
Licensed? Official French Translation, Official Japanese Translation, Official Chinese Translation
Tappytoon (previously) – Lezhin
NovelYes, English
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalPsychologicalReversal of TimeRomanceSmut

I’ve reading part of the “Lucia” novel and all of the translated chapters of the manhwa. The story is good, although the novel has a lot of sexual themes. The manhwa implies this more so than actively shows the scenes.

If you’re uncomfortable with that, then this may not be for you. The novel does go full out, so the manhwa seems tame in comparison.

“Lucia, the sixteenth princess of the kingdom, has seen her future through a strange dream. But it was a vivid nightmare of a terrible marriage that continues to haunt her.

To change her dreadful fate, she suggests a contract marriage to Duke Hugo Taran, a well-known womanizer. Can this setup break Lucia from her fate? Or will her choice lead down a path even she couldn’t foresee?! ” – TappyToon

Lucia seems like a very timid and shy woman, but she’s very intelligent and understanding how things are run. She’s trying her best not to cause worries and issues for the head butler, and for her husband. 

Of course, the manhwa series has some tropes like “I won’t fall in love with you”, which ends up causing heartache for both Lucia and the duke. I suppose this is a plot point which is brewing throughout the series, but it’s so obvious to everyone, except Lucia, that the duke has feelings for her. 

Yet, both of them have issues confessing due to the contract. It’s a sad situation, but quite typical with a lot of series.

You see this happen more times than not in a lot of comics.

The issues presented in the series are being introduced and discussed, but so far we haven’t really come to a conclusion in the manhwa. We’ve been told the Taran family has an odd way of reproducing, but we’ve yet to really have a big reveal between the duke and his wife about it. 

It did spark an argument in the manhwa, which eventually ends up resolving itself due to communication. However, we’re far away from a love confession. I would say the manhwa takes its sweet time getting to the major plot points. For better or for worse.

If you’re disliking slow-paced stories, then you may be struggling with this one. As well if you’re disliking stories were misunderstandings are the key plot points. It ends up leading to trust between the characters, which is beautiful to see. Most of their misunderstandings revolve around their own feelings, not unfaithfulness and so on.

The art is very unique and I both love and hate it. Lucia looks cute with her huge eyes, but the big open mouth makes me think she can be swallowing planets.

Final Thoughts: I do recommend you try to read this manhwa, because it’s very enjoyable and fun. If you like strong male leads that can use both brute force and intelligence to protect their family – then this is the one for you. 

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