The Lover Who Doesn't Lie

The Lover Who Doesn’t Lie [First Impression]

The Lover Who Doesn’t Lie has an interest concept, but I feel like they dropped the ball on it. The art isn’t amazing nor is the plot making me want to read on.

Alt Titles不说谎恋人, Don’t Lie To Your LoverBu Shuo Huang Lian Ren
CreatorsSASA夏蒂 [SASA xià dì] (Author) – 艾斯住院中 [Ài sī zhùyuàn zhōng, Ace is in hospital?] (Artist?)
AdaptedDrama Mr. Honesty
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
The Lover Who Doesn't Lie

Summary of The Lover Who Doesn’t Lie

The male lead is unable to lie, accidental mistakes/events resulted in the female lead breaking up with her lover and becoming unemployed as well, the male lead is actually her new boss?

This cliched boss/CEO romance, incorporates elements of both dominant CEO and love rivalry, which will cause your teenage (female) heart to explode!

The Lover Who Doesn't Lie

I wish I would like manhua more than I do. It’s a pity such a good plot has been ruined by poor art and design. Initially I didn’t hate the art, but as I continued to read I was realizing it’s not a style choice, but just poor drawing skills.

The art is look like sketches, which isn’t bad per say, but the way the lines are executed just looks bad. It seems the artist struggled with drawing accurate clothes, such as where folds are and how high heeled shoes actually look like. Honestly it reminded me of barbie shoes.

If the art was bad, then the colouring isn’t any better. It’s decent, but it’s hardly ground-breaking or interesting. The colours used are very dull and lacking any depth.

When you want to shade, sometimes you need to go for a much darker colour than you normally would. Otherwise the drawing will look flat and lifeless. Adding lines won’t save the image.

As for the plot, it started interesting. Our female lead is excited since her boyfriend is coming home from Italy. As they’re waiting to cross over a street, a random guy tells her the boyfriend is cheating on her.

Apparently he’s flirting in Italian to a woman called Catalina. Nice boyfriend you got there.

They break up, I assume and she somehow ends up going to a work interview. That’s about where my interest in this story ends. It is honestly painful to read this story. I mean it, there’s too much text in the bubbles. I need to zoom in constantly and it’s just annoying to do.

Overall I do think the story may have potential, but the art and layout ruined it. It’s simply too annoying to continue. If you’re interested in the story, just watch the drama instead. I haven’t watched it myself, but at least you don’t have to zoom in to read speech bubbles.

Recommendations: Skip it unless you want your eyes to hurt. Figuratively and literally.

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