My Lovely Girl

My lovely girl [First Impression]

My Lovely Girl is a seemingly enjoyable story despite many clichés. It’s not unique in many ways, but it’s still doing a lot of things right.

Alt TitlesBu Ke Ai De Ta, Bu Keai de Ta, My Sweet Girl, She May Not Be Cute, かわいくないアイツ, 不可爱的TA, 사랑할 수 없는 그녀
LicensedYes, Official English (Tapas), Official English (Webcomics), Official English (Pocket Comics), Official English (Copin Comics), Official English (Inkr)
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life
My Lovely Girl [First Impression]

My Lovely Girl Summary

“I’ve never imagined being with him.”

“I’ve never imagined being with anyone but her.”

Her fiancé betrays Xia Anran, and she’s fleeing from her wedding and no longer believes that love exists in this world.

Two years later, Anran grows to be a beauty and something unexpected is happening.

Her childhood friend, Lin Hao, a neighbor whom she has always thought of as a younger brother, returns.

Can he open the door to her long-closed heart?

My Lovely Girl [First Impression]
My Lovely Girl seems to be quite enjoyable, despite some clichés.

In the initial chapters, our female lead is not exactly believing in love or weddings. Her own parents are divorcing, so it seems she’s not exactly happy over it.

On the day of her marriage, she gets photos of her future husband and her best friend in bed. Needless to say, she’s not going through with the wedding.

A few years later, she meets her childhood friend again. However, she’s not remembering him at all but he knows her. They somehow connect again and he takes her mind off things.

I absolutely love the art, it’s very realistic while still maintaining a level of comic-style. The story is good, but the chapters are relatively short.

Final thoughts: I haven’t seen a lot of the series, but I’m liking the story so far.

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