Love Like A Dog Fight [First Impression]

Love like a dog fight [First Impression]

Love Like A Dog Fight is a cute comedy about hardcore fangirling which leads to love. If only it was a true romance story!

Alt Titles사랑은 개싸움!, sarangeun gaessaum!
CreatorsJOY [조이] (Artist & Author)
LicensedNo, Korean
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Love Like A Dog Fight [First Impression]

Love Like A Dog Fight Summary

Mina’s mom tells young Mina to protect her precious things, which she takes into consideration all throughout her life.

When she enters her adulthood, she is a star employee of the Mansuk Publishing Company, the role model of many other employees, only to be revealed that she is a hardcore idol fangirl.

The group she likes is Sugary, a popular duo that disbanded. After the announcement, Roxy’s and Byul’s fans split apart into two factions and continuously are at each other’s throats.

At the beginning of Sugary’s career, there is an important pub that helped them gain money, Daldalbeer. Haeun, Mina’s best friend, and Mina go visit that pub often and meet Young, the handsome sales team recruit that Mina met at the elevators before taking off.

As it turns out, Young is a hardcore Byul fan and Mina is a hardcore Roxy fan. And thus the dog fight begins.

Love Like A Dog Fight [First Impression]
So our protagonist is Mina and she’s a tough cookie, standing up for herself when needed!

She’s not crazy, though, but she will protect what she loves with tooth and nail. Currently her most important treasure is Roxy from the duo Sugary.

Since there’s a café dedicated to the duo, she’s sometimes visiting it with her friend. There she meets the new sales team recruit, Young. Of course, things go from great to oh shit, quickly. Young accidentally grabs her hair and she grabs his hair, later on also scratching his face.

As an proper adult, she apologizes for this and tries her best to make up with him. We can guess where this is going, can’t we?

Recommendation: Very cute romance about two hardcore fans working in the same office building.

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