Love Lesson [Recommendation]

Love Lesson [Recommendation]

Love Lesson is a story about two guys falling in love with each other. It’s also a story about starting to love yourself and finding your own worth.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsEn-ka [enkaLL923]
LicensedThe Yaoi Army, Webtoons
Release2018 (Yaoi Army) / 2020 (Webtoons)
GenreDramaMature Warning: DepressionMental / Physical Abuse, School LifeShounen Ai/ YaoiSlice of Life
Love Lesson [Recommendation]

Love Lesson Summary

The story revolves around a socially awkward schoolboy Akamine Natsuki. After a long time tastes the sweet experience of falling in love.

Unfortunately for him, he falls in love with the most popular kid in school, Kobayashi Haruki.

Will he gather the courage to confess his feelings or wallow in despair and anxiety instead?

Love Lesson [Recommendation]
I’m normally not a huge fan of boy’s love (or girl’s love), but some stories just feel right.

Love Lesson is sweet and sad, hopeful and romantic. It’s hitting all of those giddy boxes you feel when falling in love.

We always think we’re messing up, that we should give up on our crushes. However, it’s not easy! Our male protagonist, Natsuki, receives love from the male lead, Haruki. Slowly he starts coming out of his insecure shell, which is a nice thing to see.

That being said, the story isn’t all sunshine and roses. Some of the topics are very dark, with underlying themes containing both abuse and bullying.

Love Lesson [Recommendation]
It’s truly heartbreaking and I felt myself wanting to give the protagonist a big hug several times.

When I first started reading this story I was amazed at the quality. The art is, for lack of better words, pretty darn good.

My only real complaint is the short chapters in the beginning. As we progress, the chapters become longer and longer, which is really nice. The short chapters did make me continue clicking forward, so maybe it’s not too bad.

Even if we have a main couple hitting it off, we also have another guy holding onto his partner. Natsuki’s best friend is also in a relationship with a guy. So we will see some of their interactions, too. We also see a coming out story actually ending quite happy!

Natsuki’s best friend is coming out in this story, which his mother fully supports. We often see bad reactions towards the whole “I’m gay” confession, so it was nice seeing a parent fully supporting her son!

Recommendation: If you’re loving boy’s love stories, it’s clear you NEED to be reading this one. If this doesn’t hit originals on webtoons they have no taste.

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