Date First, Love Later [Recommendation]

Date First, Love Later has such gorgeous art you just need to read it! The story is a bit cliché but it’s not bad, it’s definitely a cute romance!

Alt Titles先男親後戀愛, 선남친 후연애, Xiān nán qīn hòu liàn’ài, Xian Nan Qin Hou Lian AI, Seonnamchin huyeon-ae
Creatorsthe gom, happybooks2u, 곰곰, Gomgom (Author)
WANG Gidae, WANG Ki Dae, 왕기대 (Author)
Jipsoony, 집순이 (Artist)
LicensedOfficial English
GenreComedy,  DramaRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Date First, Love Later

Date First, Love Later Summary

Jaerim Lee, a student in film studies major, needed a way to quiet down the rumors that he’s into guys.

Gaeun Cha, a student in screenwriting major, needed to get away from the dorky senior who was always hitting on her.

The two of them begin a contractual relationship to solve their problems. As they get to know each other, Gaeun starts to fall for Jaerim’s charm little by little…

Date First, Love Later
Date First, Love Later is a bit of a cliché story, but I still quite love it!

The female lead, Gaeun is forced to find herself a boyfriend due to an older student basically harassing her.

It’s clear she’s having some trauma from the past, but we haven’t really found out what happened yet.

As for Jaerim, the male lead is rumored to be gay. Which is quite a cliché thing to have in a story, but you know.

His previous roommate confesses to liking guys and then passes out, drunk. Due to that, everyone thinks Jaerim is also gay despite his protests.

Date First, Love Later
What does these people have in common?

Neither have time for a real relationship but both are in need of one! Thus a fake relationship starts, including the future romance.

I can’t even begin to describe the art! It’s so crisp and beautiful, with Gaeun seeming like a cute ice princess.

She’s definitely cute but not easy to get close to, but Jaerim is definitely not afraid for the challenge.

I must say I quite love the fact our female lead is drawn as an Asian, not with any huge eyes or anything like that!

Final thoughts: The story is a bit cliché but I still quite like it. It’s not super unique in terms of plot or story, but I still think you should check it out (it’s free so why not).

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