Love In Babylon [First Impression]

Love in Babylon [First Impression]

Love in Babylon seems to be a re-hashed story which has been done multiple times before. Read at your own risk.

Alt TitlesThe Princess of Babylon, 巴比伦王妃
CreatorsExtreme Culture [JMCOMIC, Extreme Comic Culture, JMCOMICS, Jí Màn Wénhuà, 极漫文化] (Author & Artist)

Summary of Love In Babylon

The story begins when Wendy, a normal modern girl was attending the birthday party of a schoolmate.

That night Wendy while viewing her schoolmates family heirloom; a golden necklace, she is teleported to the year 600 B.C within the Mesopotamian palace.

While trying to find her way back to her own timeline she gets captured by the king of Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar II.

Now she must fight to escape this tyrant king and find a way to return home.

Love In Babylon [First Impression]
My first impression of the story isn’t exactly good. Multiple comments said the story seems like a bad remake of the Pharaoh story and his concubine, whatever that story is called.

At least our main character is transported to Babylon and not just into some novel. Of course, the girl sells herself to a princess, backstabs her or something. Well, we don’t know what happens to be honest. It’s very possible the princess saw this as a way to help the heroine, but I highly doubt that.

So far I’m expecting the story to feature a tough acting male, who will be completely disregarding the female character and her wishes. I can bet the two will fall in love, making it so the female character doesn’t want to return home.

Overall I’d say this is probably not worth wasting your time on since there’s other similar stories. You might as well read some of the finished stories with some similar plot, they’re practically the same anyway.

At least the female character is relatively pretty and the art is decent, so that’s always something.

Recommendation: Probably not worth reading, might as well skip or read some other similar stories that are actually finished.

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