There's Love Hidden in Lies [Recommendation]

There’s Love Hidden in Lies [Recommendation]

“There’s Love Hidden In Lies” is definitely a story about lies, so if you’re not into that… you may miss out on a great manga.

Alt TitlesUso ni mo Koi ga Iru, Love Hidden in Lies, There’s Love Hidden in Lies, Uso nimo Koi ga Iru, 嘘にも恋がいる
CreatorsKAWAI Apolo [Apolo Kawai, 河井あぽろ, Aporo Kawai, Kawai Aporo]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation & Official Indonesian Translation
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life

There’s Love Hidden In Lies Summary

There’s nothing worse than having the guy you’ve secretly crushed on for ten years say you’re like his mom.

When Natsume Mishima is given a chance to be in a fake relationship with Chikage, the hottest guy in her class to make her crush Yuuki jealous, she takes it — even though she hates lying.

Will this web of lies get her the guy she wants?
Love Hidden In Lies

The introduction to the story is so fast-paced and we’re instantly being introduced to our two main characters, Natsume and Yuuki. Our heroine Natsume reveals in the narration she’s had a crush on Yuuki for a long time.

We’re then being introduced to our cool and collected cucumber, Chikage. Who, after an argument with his now ex-girlfriend, tosses his phone and breaks it.

Initially I just thought it was a typical shoujo manga, which it kind of is. Yet the story is cute, funny and intriguing. Couple that with beautiful art and colouring, and we get a win.

I absolutely love the colouring that’s been done here. I’m not sure if it’s digitally done or not, but it looks like it was made by using water colours or markers. Certain poses just make Natsume look utterly gorgeous, like a fairy or something.

Love Hidden in Lies
Normally I hate the cliché of fake dating, but it’s not a bad idea this time around. Yuuki mom-zoned Natsume, so she’s out of luck regarding that.

With the fake dating, he might actually realize how much she means to him! At least that’s the plan, taken from Chikage’s own mouth.

Of course, it may backfire and they both, Natsume and Chikage, fall in love with each other and end up causing misinterpretations. Despite the potential for clichés and tropes a plenty, I’m kind of fine with it.

Natsume is a typical shoujo heroine from what I can tell. Easily flusters, doesn’t like lying yet easily gets entangled in lies. Not to mention she’s also indecisive with what she promised Chikage. I can totally see how this can be annoying, but the story is having a lot of potential.

I’m not 100% sure I would pay to read this story, but thankfully it’s being published on Webtoons for free. So you might as well check it out before coming to a conclusion based on this post only.

Recommendation: If you like shoujo manga with the normal tropes and clichés it may be for you. It’s not a bad series, but it’s not ground-breaking in terms of plot and execution, either.

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