Love Doesn't Talk [Recommendation]

Love Doesn’t Talk [Recommendation]

Love Doesn’t Talk is another cute story from Ann, same creator as Choco Latte. This is also a really funny non-dialogue heavy story set in school!

Alt TitlesKanojo-tachi wa Kataranai, Kızlar Hiçbir Şey Konuşmaz, Love Doesn’t Talk, Silent Love Story, The Girls Talk Nothing, إنهم لا يتكلمون, حب بلا حديث, แว่วเสียงแห่งรัก, 彼女たちは語らない
CreatorsAnn (杏): Twitter, Instagram
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSchool Life
Love Doesn't Talk [Recommendation]

Love Doesn’t Talk Summary

They say third time’s the charm, right?

After three misunderstandings, sparks start to fly between classmates Yuzuki and Kou, and what stems from fate turns into friendship and eventually blossoms into love.

But you can’t have a high school romance without a love triangle. Enter Subaru, a boy from another class who isn’t afraid to go after Yuzuki’s heart!

Who will Yuzuki choose in the end: the quiet and inexpressive Kou or the bold and friendly Subaru?

Love Doesn't Talk [Recommendation]
One of the first encounters *cough*
This story is very funny with both clichés and non-clichés. For instance, our female lead Yuzuki, catches Kou and another guy in a suggestive pose. Thinking they’re gay, she does what any girl might do…

She runs away, trips and Kou catches her and accidentally grabs her boob. If that’s not the basis for a good romance, I don’t know what is.

I can’t get over how cute the characters are, especially together. However, there’s a love triangle going on, namely with the introduction of Subaru!

He met Yuzuki when she takes public transportation home from school. It’s clear he’s liking her and he’s more bold than the more quiet Kou. I believe in you Kou!

The chapters feel really short, which is a bummer. I think I like this story a tad bit more than Choco Latte, which is from the same author.

This one seems to be more fun and bright, for some reason. Even scenes that could be quite brutal aren’t as hardcore as in some series, which is a relief. Sometimes we just need some cute romance to get through the day.

Love Doesn't Talk [Recommendation]
My heart… <3
I do like our heroine, she seems very bright but she’s not immune to feeling jealous. Even the other male characters are afflicted with this, which is seen in various ways.

Also, I quite like how some fangirls of Kou are trying to mess things up, only for it to become a comedic relief instead. It never feels anxiety inducing, since we just know it’s going to be ok.

It’s very amazing how complicated relationships can be portrayed via just illustrations. Sure there’s some text, but it’s never “in your face” or like it’s added just because.

The text is always intentionally placed considering the situation and what it’s supposed to be for, such as school play. This is a great way to introduce names and plot points.

I also really love the art. It’s not anything amazingly earthshattering, but it’s definitely a really good looking comic. Everything from linework to colouring just look great!

Recommendation: If you want to enjoy falling in love again, you better be reading this comic! It’s a very cute, romantic and heart-warming story!

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