The losing streak [Recommendation]

The Losing Streak is a manhwa series with a lot of kissing, baseball and intimate relationships. It’s definitely not suitable for very young people.

Alt TitlesDe Todos Modos Nuestro Equipo Es El Último, Our Team is Last Place Anyway, Our Team Is the Last Anyway, 反正我们队是倒数第一, 어차피 우리팀은 꼴찌야
CreatorsPeralta, JEON Hyeonseo, ペラルタ, 페랄타, 전현서 (Author)
Hongwa, 홍과 (Artist)
LicensedEnglish (R15)S.Chinese (R15)
GenreDramaMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseSmutSports, RomanceSlice of Life,
The Losing Streak [Recommendation]

The Losing Streak Summary

Kiss more, win more!

Seunga’s a lifelong baseball fan, but she’s on the verge of calling it quits. Her team, the Futures Victory, is on a notoriously long losing streak — until she kisses a fellow fan, and the Futures happen to win.

Now back in the game, the two get intimate to push the Futures up the ranks…
The Losing Streak [Recommendation]
The Losing Streak is available in several versions, including a 19+ version which probably features some smuttiness.

However, the versions available on is the 15+ version.

There’s definitely a lot of kissing and hinting towards intimate moments, but nothing is shown explicitly. Honestly, the summary makes the series seem so immature and stupid, but I actually quite like it.

Seunga is a character which has more depth and reasoning behind liking baseball. She’s not as one-dimensional as she seems, which I can appreciate.

There’s some characters which are quite one-dimensional and clearly made out to be the villains, but that’s not the main focus.

The Losing Streak [Recommendation]
As for the art, it’s overall very good but I hate some artistic choices.

The male characters are drawn like s*x on legs, but that’s clearly the artist’s choice. The actual drawing style isn’t bad, although I don’t necessarily love it all the time.

The male lead’s sister had the worst eyelashes I’ve seen in a long time, but those are being fixed later on. Another thing I’ve been noticing are the intimate moments, they’re clearly censored but just in a quite stupid way.

A guy pulls off the female character’s t-shirt and she happens to have another white piece of clothing underneath. It’s just so obvious that it’s the censoring, which is a pity.

I’ve been reading some other stories which are cut or otherwise gets altered in a way which doesn’t take away from the story.

What I can see, the story is quite short so I definitely recommend checking it out. It’s only about 36 chapters, excluding epilogue and so on.

Final thoughts: If you like baseball and romance, this could be something for you!

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