Look at a picture

Look at a picture [First Impression]

Look At A Picture seems to be a very cute story about a girl who wants to become an illustrator. Due to some reasons she decides to move to her grandma.

Alt TitlesГлядя на рисунок, 루커피쳐
CreatorsHyojung [Hyojeong, 효정]
LicensedNo, Korean
GenreComedyRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Look At A Picture [First Impression]

Look At A Picture Summary

Jisoo, who dreams of becoming a fairy tale illustrator since she was young, drops out to achieve her dream and goes to her grandmother’s house, where she meets Dowon.

Dowon, who is worried about not having a dream, is interested in Jisoo who is trying hard to achieve her dream.

“The farther you try to catch, the farther away you feel. When will the day you reach your dream come?”

Look At A Picture [First Impression]

I’m not fully sure if I understand the plot, but it seems the female lead isn’t living with her parents, but with her aunt. It’s also implied she’s being bullied or mistreated in school, which fuels her desire to drop out.

Once she arrives at her grandma’s home, she begins to draw in her notebook. Of course, she end up getting startled by a dog and drops her notebook. The dog runs away and she chases after, and that’s how she meets Dowon. The prince coming to the rescue, or something like that.

You see, Jisoo is apparently really scared of dogs – even tiny ones. The dog ends up destroying the notebook, which later on prompts a meeting between Jisoo and Dowon.

I haven’t been reading too many chapters, but so far it seems like a really cute story. If you like more stories surrounding teens, I recommend Crush of a Lifetime, There’s Love Hidden In Lies, and A Mismatched, Complicated Love.

If you want school life series I’ve written about some of them, same with slice of life.

Recommendation: If you like cute love stories, this may be something for you!

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