Lone star seduction

Lone star seduction [First Impression]

Lone Star Seduction is yet another harlequin-gone-manga. Like most stories we have a woman down on her luck, begging a man for help.

Alt TitlesLone Star Seduction, 追憶のファースト・ラブ, Tsuioku no First Love, Reminiscence First Love
CreatorsDay Leclaire [Day Totton Smith, デイ・ラクレア, D.ラクレア] (Author)
IWASAKI Yoko [IWASAKI Yohko, 이와사키 요코, 岩崎陽子] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics (color), Harlequin, SoftBank Creative
Release2014 (black and white), 2021 (colored vers.)
AdaptedFrom Harlequin Novel
Genre DramaMature Warning:  SmutRomanceSlice of Life
Lone Star Seduction

Lone Star Seduction Summary

Being torn apart from his first love, Alex, a housekeeper’s son, fell in love with his boss’s daughter, Rebecca.

Because of that, he and his whole family felt her father’s wrath when they were fired. To protect his family and his younger sister, who was still only a child, he did whatever it took and became rather successful.

He now had a mansion that rivaled Rebecca’s father’s. However, no matter how rich he got, he couldn’t forget the shame and powerlessness he felt that day.

Now a cruel millionaire himself, he comes face-to-face again with Rebecca to get his revenge…

Lone Star Seduction
Based on the few chapters I read, the plot seems quite basic. However, some say the plot is quite decent and makes you keep turning the pages.

According to some, there’s also more elements to the story than just some basic romance.

I must say the relationship between Alex and Rebecca is interesting enough. Jilted lovers are always a popular trope in these stories, this one is not any different.

Like most of these stories, it seems the topic of revenge comes up multiple times. Obviously it involves messing with someone or something, making people question the motives of others.

I can imagine this story will play out as most harlequin stories, as in contract marriage or something along those lines. Of course they’re going to then fall in love again, because logic.

Recommendation: Not sure I can recommend this, but since some people seem to like it I guess it’s worth reading a few of the free chapters.

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