The Reason She Lives as a Villainess [1st Impression]

The Reason She Lives As A Villainess starts off with a decent plot, but falls flat of any real reason to continue reading.

Alt TitlesHer Reason to Live as a Villainess, La raison que elle vit comme une vilaine, La razón por la que vive como una villana, The Reason Why That Woman Lives as a Villainess, Why She Lives as a Villainess, Why She’s a Villainess, 她成為惡女的理由, 그녀가 악녀로 사는 이유
CreatorsYuwn (Author)
Beopsaeng, Beobsaeng, 법생 (Artist)
LicensedEnglishTranditional Chinese
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of RapeSuicide / Attempted Suicide, Romance
The Reason She Lives As A Villainess

The Reason She Lives As A Villainess Summary

Some people would jump at the chance at a new life, but when Jeongyun wakes up after a terrible accident and finds that she has become Lecian Fucernien, a character of a cliche, romantic fantasy novel, it feels like she’s woken up inside a nightmare.

Disappointed as she is, she quickly accepts her fate and decides to make the best of her new life. The good news is that Lecian’s character has a happy ending, but the bad news is that she’s supposed to die once to get it.

Between foiling her abusive new father’s plans of committing treason, finding a way out of her engagement to the crown prince, and avoiding the strange duke who seems to be stalking her, Jeongyun has a very long to-do list.

Will Jeongyun be able to adjust to her new life while figuring out a way to avoid dying a second time?

The Reason She Lives As A Villainess
The Reason She Lives As A Villainess isn’t necessarily a bad story, but it’s trying to be a great one.

As per usual, we have a typical and cliché plot start. Our female lead wants to avoid death and bad things happening to her, so she’s going to attempt weaselling out of her engagement to the crown prince.

For some reason, she’s the best option for crown princess despite it being clearly stated she never got educated. So we’re going to have a foolhardy and uneducated queen for the country, awesome.

Likewise, the female lead’s family are trash and unsympathetic. The father is the biggest trash, since he was overly happy over his wife dying in childbirth.

As for the sister, her own trauma makes her abuse the staff and her sister. Whatever sympathy you may have had for her, it’s tossed to the wind.

The male leads are both odd, to say the least. One is a black haired knight or duke, whatever he is.

Obviously he starts becoming interested in the female lead once she changes her ways. The other one is pretty much a stalker, and I understand nothing of his fascination towards her.

Our female lead was originally some type of kendo-master, I think. So it makes sense she’s used to holding the sword when it comes to technique, but… a sword is heavy. She’s a noble lady who has rested for a good portion of the story, no way she can swing a sword around like that.

Furthermore, the dialogue is cringy at best, impossible to understand at the worst. They speak in a convoluted way which is supposed to mimic how nobility speak. However, it’s impossible to understand because it’s mostly gibberish.

The art is passable, with fluctuating consistency and effort put into it. Most of the characters look stiff, like they have a cucumber where it doesn’t shine.

Final thoughts: Considering how many isekai/revenge stories there’s out there, you can easily just gloss over this one. Not worth your money.

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