I'll Just Live On As A Villainess

I’ll Just Live on as a Villainess [First Impression]

Here we go again with the red-haired and green-eyed villainess, this time in “I’ll Just Live On As A Villainess”. They’re all starting to blend together at this point! 

Alt Title그냥 악역으로 살겠습니다, I’ll Just Live as a Villain, Я просто буду жить, как злодейка,  Geunyang Agyeogeuro Salgetseumnida
CreatorsKim Da-ham (Author), Bebe (Artist)
NovelYes, English
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Magic, Demons, Villainess, Reincarnation

I’ll Just Live On As A Villainess starts with yet another isekai’d person wanting to live quietly. This means they decide to leave society for a lazy life, only to end up in an inhospitable place. In order to survive this place and thrive, our main female lead summons a demon. 

Now this demon helps her but he can’t just randomly go back. He’s stuck there for life (her life, not his, I assume). 

I’m not sure about you, but this aspect of the story is very similar to “Villainess Maker”. The similarities may just be superficial, though. I won’t judge the story too harshly as we’ve barely started. 

The art style reminds me a bit of “Living as the Tyrant’s Older Sister”, but I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe the way the colors are blended? It’s just something that I can’t put my finger on.  Maybe it’s the noses. The noses always get to me.

As A Villainess
Now, I won’t say this is a bad story because I love myself an isekai story. When I initially read this, it had less than 10 chapters so it’s hard to base an opinion around it. It does seem we’re turning into a bit of a naughty territory, which really does also remind me of “Villainess Maker”.

Although, for some reason it feels like this story is more fast-paced and thus develops these romantic situations quicker. At least it’s been hinted at twice, by two separate characters.

I must say I absolutely loved the wyvern part of this story. I can’t forget those puppy eyes looking at the contractor! This story definitely has a charm to it.

Recommendation: Worth a shot, hard to judge based on few chapters but so far it’s quite enjoyable.

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