Little Rain [Recommendations]

Little Rain [Recommendations]

Little Rain is such a cute story! I can’t stop gushing about this story and how it impresses me. You better get going reading it!

Alt TitlesДождик, LittleRain
CreatorsMai (pre-serialisation: MOMO X BUBU]
Release2021 (new release)
AdaptedPre-serialisation released in 2017
GenreDramaFantasyPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life,
Little Rain [Recommendations]

Little Rain Summary

A Guardian Angel without his memory ends up in a cats body. Lisa is a down on her luck, whose life has always been tinged with misfortune.

Fortunately her cat, Rain, is always there for her when she needs him. But little does she know, Rain has a big secret.

His memories may be missing, but Rain remembers this… He’d do anything to protect Lisa.

Little Rain [Recommendations]
Utterly gorgeous art!

Little Rain is a really cute story with some great art. Initially I didn’t get the male lead was a cat, which made it all very confusing. I was thinking why in the world is she letting a random man inside.

Once we the animal form, it’s just so adorable! It seems the story is hinting at more serious topics, but so far we only see the cuteness. I really like the story so far, but there’s quite a lot left of it.

I’m unsure if there’s going to be romance in this story or not. I mean, he’s technically not a cat but I mean, he’s looking like one. The story also features really great sounds and music. I feel like I’m inside the story itself, hearing the sounds and imagining what’s going on.

If you like cats and animals, you’re going to love this one, I think. It features some very cute drawings of animals alongside their interactions together.

Now, there’s obviously a story behind all the cutesy stuff. Without a doubt, it’s going to be interesting to read on and find out what happened between these two.

Recommendation: Well worth checking out!

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