Lily Of Two Colors [1st Impression]

Lily of Two Colors [1st Impression]

Lily Of Two Colors is a story I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. Sadly I’m still as confused as ever to the actual plot of the story.

Alt TitlesLily of Two Colours, 双色百合, Shuāngsè bǎihé, Shuang Se Bai He
CreatorsKè yīn COEN, Ke Yin COEN, 克因COEN
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalShoujo Ai / Yuri

Lily Of Two Colors Summary

Miriam is a young princess of the royal family who is loved by all, but she puts all her thoughts on her sister.

The only person of such nobility and beauty is her sister, who is so perfect. She has always admired her, but how can she get closer to her?

I am really confused over this story, for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, I’m not sure if they’re sisters since this is tagged as yuri. I mean, I suppose it could be an incestuous relationship but I somehow doubt it.

Furthermore, I also don’t really know who the main character is in the comic. We’re seeing the perspective from the white haired girl, but the dark haired girl is in the center of the cover.

It doesn’t seem to be any rivalry between them, despite it potentially could be. Neither do we know anything about the actual land they’re allegedly princesses of…

It’s just an altogether confusing plot and I’m feeling more and more confused.

As for the art, it’s not bad per say. It’s definitely different and stylized in a way I’m not loving. The assassin towards the end brings my thoughts to h*ntai or something.

Final thoughts: I’m just really, really confused about this story and not sure I’m loving it.

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