Liking you Excitedly [First Impression]

Liking you Excitedly [First Impression]

Liking You Excitedly is a manhwa where our male protagonist’s heart goes doki-doki for a rookie actress. He sets out too woo her but she’s a hard person to seduce.

Alt TitlesMy Heart Races Because of You, 扑通扑通喜欢你, 두근두근 네가 좋아서, Pūtōng pūtōng xǐhuān nǐ, Pu Tong Pu Tong Xi Huan Ni, Dugeundugeun Nega Johaseo
CreatorsSEO Hye-eun [서혜은] (Author)
PARK Rae-mo [박래모] (Artist)
LicensedNot in English. Korean.
AdaptedNot sure, possibly
Genre Drama,  Mature Warning: Depression, Mental / Physical AbuseSuicide / Attempted Suicide, PsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Liking You Excitedly [First Impression]

Liking You Excitedly Summary

Seo Geun-Woo is a perfect top star: he has it all, looks, posture, aura, eliteness, you name it… He is usually picky and hard to please, especially any movie that he attends

Until the day a newcomer actress Min Seo-Yeon catches his eye. For some reason he can’t fathom what about this girl makes his usual composed self falter. It makes him feel uncomfortable but in a pleasant way…

Is this what they call love? A Story with romance for all ages.

Liking You Excitedly [First Impression]
Liking You Excitedly focuses on Seo Geun-Woo, who is a hard-to-please man and actor.

He has high standards and hates when others “sell him out”. When he watches a movie featuring newcomer Min Seo-Yeon, he experiences some very odd feelings. He actually likes the movie and, her!

The manager working with the actor is horrified whenever the actor’s temper flares up and works hard to please our actor. Whenever something goes wrong, he’s expecting to be killed by Seo Geun-Woo. However, his personality seems to change as soon as Min Seo-Yeon is being included in the talks.

Despite being a top-not actor, he assumes the female lead is going to love him and ask for his number. Yet, she’s very much different than other females and seems disinterested in him. We later find out she has her reasons for not dating or being interested in that sort of thing.

Liking You Excitedly [First Impression]
However, our male lead isn’t one to give up and he’s manipulating her into dinner “dates”.

You see, everyone keeps telling her the famous actor has some beef with her, but she doesn’t feel any animosity coming from him. Instead he asks for favours and pays it back with dinner.

Our female lead isn’t faking her gentle side, but she definitely has a different side to her. Apparently her sister’s death was indirectly caused by another famous actress. Which is why our female lead starts working to also become a famous actress.

I was reading some spoilers, where our female lead is going to use our male lead to get back at this famous actress. However, we all know they absolutely will fall in love with each other. Not without a lot of drama or misunderstandings occurring, too. However, our female actress isn’t stupid and did deduce our male lead isn’t upset at her.

I’m not sure I’m liking the female lead too much. Up until the point she reveals she has a different side to her, which makes it seem like she finally has a personality. I do like her and the male lead together, they’re quite cute.

Recommendation: Worth reading if you want to read something akin to a revenge story and not just a love story.

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