Let's Kill Your Husband

Let’s Kill Your Husband [First Impression]

Let’s Kill Your Husband surrounds two women, one who is abused and one who is ready to kill. A lovely story about friendship, no?

Alt TitlesNaomi to Kanako, ナオミとカナコ, 나오미 & 가나코
CreatorsHideo Okuda (Author)
Winter (Producer/Adapter)
Hyeonjin Kim, Ssum (Artists: Illustration resp. colouring)
LicensedYes, Manta.net
AdaptedOriginally Japanese novel, Drama series
GenreDramaMature WarningMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRape / Mentions of Rape, Psychological,  Thriller
Let's Kill Your Husband [First Impression]

Let’s Kill Your Husband Summary

So should we kill your husband?
Your shaky demeanor, the bruises on your face… It killed me to see how you’d changed after getting married.

Maybe we should just kill your husband. But how? Will our lives ever be the same again?

Fate must have been on our side, because everything went smoother than expected.

Let's Kill Your Husband [First Impression]
So our protagonist works at a high-end luxury department whilst the other is a stay-at-home wife. One day the protagonist visits her, and she sees the bruises on her friend’s face.

Our protagonist handles the topic very well, in my opinion. She doesn’t press the victim about what the husband has does, but she offers support. She shares her own tragic story, allowing the friend to feel secure to open up herself.

Like most abuse cases, it starts out innocently enough with a drunken fight. Then it just gets worse and worse, making it clear the friend needs to get out of there, ASAP.

Let's Kill Your Husband [First Impression]
The protagonist previously met a woman from Shanghai, who she ends up meeting up with on her spare time.

During a discussion, this woman randomly tosses out that the friend’s husband should die. As a joke, obviously, but we know she probably didn’t mean it as a joke.

Now, I’ve read way too many of these series and I keep thinking the Shanghai woman is actually calculating. Maybe her goal is to get our protagonist in trouble as revenge? Who knows, guess we’ll have to read on.

The friend’s husband works at a bank, and when an opportunity arises to mess with him, she takes it… Not without causing mischief for others, but your friends are worth all the work for them to be safe!

I’m not exactly sure where this story will go, but so far I’m very intrigued and looking forward to reading more! Apparently this is a Japanese novel originally, which turned into a Japanese drama. I’m unsure if the manhwa is finished or not, since it was hard to find any information about it.

Recommendation: Seems very interesting, so you should probably go check it out!

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