Let Me Stay Over Tonight [Recommendation]

Let Me Stay Over Tonight [Recommendation]

Let Me Stay Over Tonight is a fun story about a drunken moment and a woman who can’t remember who ended up confessing to her.

Alt Titles오늘 밤만 재워줘, Oneul Bamman Jaewojwo
CreatorsHeabun [해번] (Author)
Yunana [유나나]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
AdaptedNot sure, maybe a novel?
Genre Comedy, DramaRomanceSlice of Life
Let Me Stay Over Tonight [Recommendation]

Let Me Stay Over Tonight Summary

28-year-old Gyuri Gam has never dated anyone before in her life.

When she wakes up one morning after a night of heavy drinking, she suddenly recalls that someone at work asked her out but can’t remember who it was!

Gyuri narrows it down to three possibilities: Seunghu, her hot co-worker who is nice to her; Myeongseok, her talented but cranky boss who she’s sure hates her; and Leo, a popular actor who anybody would kill to date.

At first, Gyuri thinks the identity of her secret admirer is obvious… but is it?

Let Me Stay Over Tonight [Recommendation]
The story is starting out pretty normally, with a hungover employee recounting her previous night.

She has the vague memory of someone confessing to her and asking her out. However, she has no idea who the heck would ask her out!

She narrows the options down to three, but only one seems reasonable. Or is he really the only option who want to start dating her? In the first few chapters I’m getting the vibes her boss may have asked her out. He’s giving a look whenever she’s busy talking to someone else.

I’m honestly in love with the art in this webtoon. Our female lead looks like she stepped out from a Disney movie or something.

Let Me Stay Over Tonight [Recommendation]

The male leads are also looking very distinctive, in a really good way. The colleague looks like the typical nice-guy next door. Her boss looks sharp, slightly scary but is probably a really loving man.

The celebrity is also looking nice, but we know too little about him in the early chapters.

I like the fact all potential male leads seem decent enough. I’m not sure who I’m shipping with the protagonist, but I do really like her co-worker. He seems like a nice person towards most people.

Recommendation: If you love romance and you’re not reading this, you’re missing out!

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