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The Legendary Villain Princess [First Impression]

The Legendary Villain Princess seems like the typical revenge-cliché comic. Betrayed by her lover, our female lead plots revenge.

Alt Titles传说中的恶役公主, Chuánshuō zhōng de è yì gōngzǔ, Chuanshuo zhong de e yi gongzu
CreatorsJu Rui Wen Hua [Jurui Culture, jù ruì wén huà, 聚睿文化] (Author & Artist)

The Legendary Villain Princess Summary

I dedicated eight years to help him rule his empire, only for him to send me to my death by burning!

My last wish before death was to be reborn so I can change my fate, and not make the same stupid mistake again!
However… I was reborn into the body of my sworn enemy?!

My revenge plan is proceeding smoothly, but a prince suddenly appeared and proposed marriage? Does he not know I already have 4 imperial concubines?

The Legendary Villain Princess
This story is all kind of weird, but I’m not that surprised considering it’s a manhua. The plots are usually over the top with stupidity, but thankfully this one isn’t too bad.

Our female lead ends up burning on the cross since her partner betrays her. Like most of the manhuas I’ve read, it’s not the actual prince that does the talking but his partner. The level is lowered to kindergarten level with a bunch of shouting and name calling, pointing out the heroine’s all flaws.

As she’s about to burn, she curses the prince and is reborn as her enemy, princess Hedvig.

The art isn’t too bad, but it’s clear they’re focusing more on the breast size than the actual thickness of the plot. I’ve seen this plot so many times before and it’s not getting any better with this story.

Apparently the princess also has a harem, which of course, hates her. It seems there’s no love for female characters and their harems. I’m not sure if the female character suffers from memory loss or something, but I think so.

The chapters are very, very short. I suppose it’s so the artist can release them faster but it’s just a spoilsport. Give us more decent length chapters!

Recommendation: I’m not feeling this one, but it’s not the worse manhua I’ve seen.

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