The Legendary Fossil [First Impression]

The Legendary Fossil is a story knowing very well about isekai tropes, jumping straight into the good stuff.

Alt TitlesJeonseol-ui Hwaseog, Legendary Fossil, 전설의 화석
CreatorsJEONG Jong [청종] (Author)
ABYU [aabubu203, 아뷰] (Artist)
GenreActionDramaFantasy, HistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder
The Legendary Fossil

The Legendary Fossil Summary

Ashley Lute, finally come back home after three years of gruelling adventure. She returns to the Academy at the request of her sister Carneline.

Already famous as the only returning student, she tries finishing her remaining years at the Academy in peace.

The Second Prince Luke and the young lady of the Vellock Duchy approach her. The attention on the newcomer grows even more.

Will Ashley be able to graduate safely?

The Legendary Fossil

It seems The Legendary Fossil is doing a lot of things right. Even if the story is an isekai story, it’s not too focusing on the past. They give an explanation to the story but they don’t dwell too much on the past.

Instead, our female protagonist’s story starts with killing the devil and revealing she’s heading back to school! Quick and easy, just like that.

From what I can tell, the art seems pretty darn great, and I like the character designs. It seems the sister is quite the villainess, killing their brother even for no good reason.

Overall the story seems really interesting, with various complex characters. It’s definitely not something I’ve read before but I’m still not sure about the plot. It’s a very small part of the story, but so far I’m liking it.

It seems the world is favoring females more than males, which is interesting. It’s not something I normally see in stories.

Final thoughts: I suppose we’ll have to see how the story progresses in the future, but so far I’m feeling positive about the story.

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