Lady to Queen [Manhwa - Recommendation]

Lady to Queen [Manhwa – Recommendation]

“Lady To Queen” is a dark take on an empress fighting for the right to her throne. Be sure to buckle in, it’ll be a bumpy a ride.

Alt Title Dama A Reina, From a Lady to the Queen, Fukushuu no Kougou, Lady to Queen-胜者为后, Quý Bà,  Авхайгаас Хатан Болсон нь, 復讐の皇后, 皇后的復仇, 레이디 투 퀸
Creators Musso (Author), Kim So Hyun (Artist)
Licensed Yes, Pocket ComicsOfficial Japanese Translation, Official Simplified Chinese Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation, Official French Translation, Official Indonesian Translation
Release 2019
NovelYes, English / Korean
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalPsychologicalRomance
Lady To Queen

Lady To Queen Summary

My sister Nilla, who became the Emperor’s Queen after having dreamt of fairy tales and true loves, came back divorced and accused of high treason.

Our family, the Rochesters, was mercilessly executed. But by some miracle, I came back in time, before Nilla was selected as the Emperor’s Queen candidate.

If I become queen in your stead, you and our family need not suffer. This life of yours can have a happy ending, sister. I promise.
Lady To Queen
I have been enjoying this story and hating it at the same time. The reason being is the tension we feel in the interaction between our empress, Patrizia, and the emperor’s mistress, Rosamund.

The mistress is, for lack of better words, crazy. She’s utterly insane.

As the story progresses, we get to learn about the emperor’s past and how tragic and traumatic it was. We even find out about his mistress, Rosamunde, and her past. It’s not rosy and fun, for sure.

Lady To Queen

Yet, what this shows us is that our past isn’t necessarily there to define us. The emperor grew up weak and a pushover, afraid they would never love or respect him if they found out what he did.

Rosamund turned violent, nasty and cruel. I don’t necessarily think these aspects weren’t there before, either. Rosamund’s cruelness was most likely enhanced by her past and the emperor’s liking to her. I’m looking forward to the day she’s officially out of the picture. I just hate her so much.

The story is very interesting and keeps you on your toes. You never quite know what will happen, or if it will be bad for Patrizia. I quite like the art, too. It’s different from what I’ve normally seen, although it changes in later chapters.

Recommendation: You should reading this if you like royalty, intrigues and backstabbing – also time reversals!

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