Lady scarlet

Lady scarlet [First Impression]

Lady scarlet seems interesting at first glance, since we’re experiencing the point of view of a homewrecker.

Alt Titles레이디 스칼렛
CreatorsByeoljji [불고기자리]
LicensedPocket Comics
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalRomance
Lady Scarlet [First Impression]

Lady Scarlet Summary

Scarlet Marica is the eldest daughter of the bankrupt Baron Marica. She decides to go to the capital with the ambition of becoming the most recognized piano teacher.

3 years later, Scarlet fell in love with Edward Hart instead of pursuing her dream. She thought that she will get marry in the future. But then she find out that her lover has a fiancée all along!

Eventually, the richest man of the empire and the notorious marquis, Kellan Black approaches her.

“I have a lot of debt to pay him back. Lady Scarlet, would you like to take revenge on him?”

Lady Scarlet [First Impression]
The story is about Lady Scarlet Marica who lives with a man in his house.

Turns out he already has a fiancé, which makes her leave the house. She ends up leaving with a suitcase, jewelry and 20 gold coins. On the way from the mansion bandits attack her but saved by a man who suggest she becomes his lover.

Appalled by the suggestion, she slaps him and tells him off. Of course, this guy won’t just give up on her so easily. As he hears she’s taking in on a tavern with her pitiful amount of gold, he’ll probably come to her rescue.

Overall the story and art leaves a lot to be desired. It can be very interesting reading about a homewrecker and how things happen from her perspective. However, it seems we’re not even going to find her story sympathetic – she just stays with the guy because he’s rich or something.

The art is decent. I’ve seen worse, believe it or not, but that’s not high praise. I think with some refinement of plot, art, pacing… basically everything, it may have some potential to be quite good.

Recommendation: This isn’t worth reading as it is now. Stay away from it for now.

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