Lady Evony

Lady Evony / Ebony [Manhwa – Recommendation]

“Lady Evony” is a good story about revenge, redemption and moving on with your life.

Alt Titles Eboni, Эбони, エボニー, 에보니, Ebony, Lady Evony, Lady Ebony, Evony
CreatorsJa Ya [Jaiya, Jaya, Чжа Я, 자야]/ Neida [네이다] / Redice Studio [Studio Redice, 고기산적] (Authors) – Neida, REDICE STUDIO (Artists)
LicensedYes, Tapas JapaneseIndonesian
NovelYes, English
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalMature WarningMurderPsychological, Romance

Summary of Lady Evony

Accused of being a witch and a murderer, Evony’s imprisoned.

For years, she awaits the day of her execution, her back bearing scars from beatings inflicted by the guards who despise her.

But one day, she is granted her freedom and placed into the guardianship of Grand Duke Schneider.

Warmed by his doting staff and under his admiring tutelage, she regains her strength and becomes the wild card in an intricate game of power.

With nothing to lose, will Evony orchestrate a new future for the empire?

Lady Evony
Evony and her alter ego, Raven

Our pitiful female lead Evony is being convicted of murder of her fiancé/husband and father. It was, at the most, self-defence, and at least just a tragic accident. 

The law doesn’t see it that way and convicts her for murder. In prison she meets her “teacher”, who imparted several good lessons to her. These will help her in the long run.

Lady Evony
Evony is taken under the wing of a man close to the throne, Grand Duke Schneider, and her life takes a new turn. She’s is groomed and prepped for some “shady” business for him. She’s acting as “Raven”, an alter ego to protect herself from the knowledge of her conviction. 

As time goes on, even those who weren’t keen on her, especially one blonde man, learn that she’s not an evil human. He starts seeing her in a different light and develops some respect for her.

The story isn’t finished yet so there’s a lot more to see. Evony has definitely matured and become more self-confident. What I’ve seen from the new chapters, it seems things aren’t necessarily going exactly as we’d expect.

We usually expect everything to start going the right way, but there’s still hurdles to overcome. Not to mention, we haven’t even started on the whole romance. At least not in the sense we normally see characters becoming intimate with each other.

Recommendation: The story is good, although it’s slow-paced and quite mature in its themes. You may not like it because of that, but it’s worth checking out. 

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