Lady Beast [1st Impression]

Lady Beast is a manhwa series where our main characters switch bodies. It seems to be slightly less dark than What It Means To Be You.

Alt TitlesLady Beast ~レディービースト ~,Wanita Garang, Леди бестия, หนุ่มรูปงามกับเจ้าหญิงอสูร, 被诅咒的婚约, 레이디 비스트
CreatorsSWAN, YOO Soo Wan, Yusuwan, 유수완 (Author)
NOW, Nau, 나우, now_now25
LicensedTappyToon, Manta.
GenreRomance,Body SwitchingComedyDramaFantasyHistorical,  Mature Warning: DepressionMental / Physical Abuse, Suicide / Attempted Suicide, Murder / Attempted Murder
Lady Beast

Lady Beast Summary

A body swap romance!

To escape her miserable life, the quiet Princess Elisa agrees to marry the war tyrant, Duke Ginger of Randell Kingdom. But an evil curse suddenly causes them to switch bodies!

Can these two opposites learn to understand each other and maybe even find love?

Lady Beast
Lady Beast is quite a cute story, with two main characters who are polar opposites.

Both have tragic backstories, with varying intensity of sadness and abuse.

Ginger’s parents fought and ends up dying together, due to the mother grabbing onto her husband and falling to their deaths. So yes, the story is having some dark moments. However, it’s not as bad as “What It Means to be You”, where Violet attempts to kill herself multiple times.

As for Elisa, her father is a jerk and ends up in the clutches of a horrid woman.

In order to escape her less-than-ideal life, she agrees to marry the Duke. However, one day they end up switching bodies for no good reason.

I don’t mind the plot, but it’s definitely a bit cliché so far.

Our female lead is timid and quiet, almost apologizing for her existence. Sometimes it’s quite cute, such as when Ginger complains about period.

It’s definitely an eye-opening experience regarding their opposite lives.

It doesn’t seem like Ginger is an @sshole, he’s just too busy working to care about his wife initially. It does seem like he warms up to her, though.

Their relationship does seem quite cute, honestly. As for the family of Elisa, they’re all just trash.

Final thoughts: The story is quite cute and adorable, but I don’t sense too much “dark” plot points. It’s all kept at a quite child-safe level.

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