Koiinu [First Impression]

Koiinu [Manga – First Impression]

Koiinu is a sweet manga series about a guy and a girl. The two previously shared a kiss and now they’re once again reunited.

Alt TitlesKoiinu, Koi Inu., Love Dog , Love Puppy, Puppy Love, こいいぬ。, 犬系男子戀愛中, 코이 이누
CreatorsHOSHINO Coco [coco]
AdaptedNot that I know
Genre ComedyComicsDramaRomanceSchool Life

Koiinu Summary from MU

Igarashi Shun has become a college student.

He returns to the city in which he left bittersweet memories, and is reunited with Chiyo, his childhood friend, after 10 long years.

Koiinu [First Impression]

I originally started reading this via Pocket Comics as I was trying out the app. I really liked the story at first, but I’ve been reading the story goes… bad, after chapter 85. It seems the main characters aren’t exactly faithful to each other or something like that.

It’s a pity the story seems to have taken a turn for the worse. However, I quite like the story so far. Chiyo’s reactions are a bit annoying but it’s adorable how she sees Shun as a male all of the sudden.

The first kiss was quite cute, but a bit odd to feel so embarrassed over something that happened so long ago. Overall, the story seems to feature this cute soon-to-be couple. Yet, it seems the sweet romance is going to be overtaken by drama.

MangaUpdate even have tags for this series with “cruel female lead” and “dumb female lead”. I am not exactly sure what to feel when reading that, but it’s a pity. Shun seems like a good guy and he doesn’t deserve to be used or mistreated.

Apparently it’s also tagged “Netorare“, which is a bit surprising considering how cute the story seemed initially.

Recommendation: I think you can probably safely read up until chapter 85 as some people wrote online. After that, you may want to stop or brace yourself for more drama and cheating.

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