Knight in Flight [First Impression]

Knight in Flight [First Impression]

Knight In Flight focuses on a woman who is a swords(wo)man. The swordswoman eventually ends up becoming a personal escort for a hated prince.

Alt TitlesNight Flight!, 나이트 플라이트
CreatorsLeohara [Leo Hara, 레오하라] (Author), Milktea [Milk Tea, 밀크티]    
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
Knight In Flight [First Impression]

Knight in Flight Summary

Amadeonte Elvin, the legendary swordsman of the Elcano Kingdom and the first woman to join the Royal Guard.

Cyonel Gavadien Meon, the prince who is entangled in a struggle for his succession to the throne and is hated by his own father. Two really different people who share one common goal: to escape the country. Will they be allies or enemies?

Knight In Flight [First Impression]
Amadeonte Elvin is seemingly very popular, even amongst women. During an outing, she receives a rose from a woman, who then goes up in smoke.

It definitely seems quite ominous, but I’m not sure exactly what to expect.

Eventually Elvin ends up becoming the personal knight for Cyonel Gavadien Meon. It seems the prince is a hidden designer, since during a meeting with the knight and another noble lady, he’s blushing like crazy!

It seems the knight is actually very girly in her mind, but she thinks she’s not suitable to wear dresses and so on. Yet, she’s very much interested in patterns, dresses and lace. It’s a fun little character quirk which makes her stand out.

Not going to lie, I’m getting “Undercover Empress” vibes since we have a strong female character who is a knight.

The male lead seems very delicate in this manhwa, a big clash in comparison to our knight. Yet, he’s not completely stupid and he knows the tea was poisoned, since he poured it on flowers. Poor flowers, really.

I just hope Elvin will continue to be good at sword fighting, so it’s not like the Duke’s Butler where she’s just randomly losing her skills as soon as she joins the mansion.

Recommendation: Worth taking a look at, since it seems to have potential.

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