Kitchen Goddess and the Assassin [Recommendation]

Kitchen Goddess and the Assassin [Recommendation]

I was honestly surprised I was enjoying “Kitchen Goddess And The Assassin”. It seems unlikely, but it’s actually a pretty good story.

Alt Titles厨厨动人, U Kill I Cook  
CreatorsJiu Jiji [纠吉吉], TRCartoon [糖人家, TANG Renjia]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
Release2019 (2021 official English version)
GenreActionComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalRomance,  Mature WarningMurderRape / Mentions of Rape, Gore
Kitchen Goddess And The Assassin

Kitchen Goddess And The Assassin summary

I’m an orphan who only ever dreamt of cooking until I fell into the clutches of the Zhao Manor. Due to my perfect looks, I found myself in constant peril, but as fate would have it, this top assassin kidnappe— I mean, employed me to be his personal chef!

When he first brought me to his lair, I thought, “What the heck am I doughing here?” But he’s a fierce fighter who protects me from danger, and I, Willow Ye, am determined to become a master chef! We make a great pear~ You butter believe it!

Kitchen Goddess And The Assassin is a story about a woman who is excellent at cooking and an assassin. Who is great at murdering people. As you may expect, they’re from two different worlds.

Our assassin seems like a gentle soul, all things considered. At least if you think of the fact he kills for a living. I enjoyed how frugal our main character really is and how gullible our assassin is. He easily falls for merchants ploys to get him to buy items.

And no, the summary is correct. We’re having cooking puns, you butter believe it. Ok, I’m done. I am absolutely loving the dynamic between Willow and our assassin. Initially it was some fear, but then they fell into a nice rhythm.

Willow isn’t weak or stupid, but she’s not exactly a strong fighter. Due to her misunderstandings, she ends up in peril more than once, only to be saved by our handsome assassin boy. Normally this would be an annoying trope, but I kind of like it…

Maybe it’s the fact he’s not treating her as an idiot or like she’s not capable of taking care of herself. Yet, he’s protective of her which makes sense if he likes her.

There’s a difference between wanting to protect someone and hinder their daily life. He is warning her, but trusting she will listen to his words.

Sadly the story is having some tropes I hate, such as attempted rape. It’s something we find in pretty much all manhuas it seems. Although, at least this time it’s a bit more realistic than other times.

Recommendation: If you like romance stories with a twist of cooking and assassination, read this!

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