The Kiss Virus [First Impression]

the kiss virus [First Impression]

The Kiss Virus is an interesting story where vaccine causes side-effects several years later. Not an anti-covid19 vaccination story!

Alt Titles 키스 바이러스, kiseu baileoseu, Kiss Virus
CreatorsMIK [ㅁㅣㄱ] (Author)
Hyejung Kim [김혜정] (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyRomanceSchool Life

The Kiss Virus Summary

One kiss is all it takes.

“Have you kissed someone yet?”

Yoona’s parents pesters her to hurry up and kiss a boy.

Why? Because students who don’t kiss someone before they turn 17 go crazy every time it rains!

Yoona doesn’t want to wind up like the others at her school. Will she find someone to kiss in time?
The Kiss Virus [First Impression]
The Kiss Virus is an interesting story, but also not exactly the best story reading this with covid19 running amok.

However, the story is focusing on a virus which breaks out when the students hit 17 years old.

Our female lead hasn’t kissed anyone yet and her mother is becoming rather agitated by the situation. Apparently, the virus only starts acting up during rainy weather and that’s it.

Yoona is feeling very pressured by society and her mother to kiss. Apparently you can’t just kiss anyone either, it needs to give you some heart fluttering.

The Kiss Virus [First Impression]
In the end, the story ends in a pretty predictable manner. I’m not hating the story but it’s clear there’s a lot of information lacking in the manhwa.

It’s clearly not as “fleshed” out as it can be, which leaves me feeling a bit meh about the story.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but the story isn’t exactly aging well with the covid19 virus going around.

Not sure if the novel is from earlier or anything like that, but the manhwa is out from November 2020. Like, talk about bad timing, no?

Final thoughts: It’s hardly worth getting a manta account for this story. If you do have an account already, it’s not a horrible read. It’s fairly short, with only four chapters, so it’s definitely an easy reading experience.

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